voice lessons
Contemporary voice lessons are available at Arc Music Studio to students ages 6 through 20; with an emphasis on musical theatre, Disney, and popular vocal styles. Enjoy a balanced program academically, creatively and socially; with participation in recitals, exams, festivals, a recording project, music writing and more!
lesson objectives
• Increase your book of repertoire so that you are always ready for your next audition, or performance

• Learn how to sing with accurate pitch, clarity of diction, and consistent tone throughout your entire range

• Learn how to warm up your voice and develop consistent practice routines

• Build confidence and improve your performance skills with a focus on acting, expression, and characterization in your pieces

Make an investment in music education that will last a lifetime
Interested in studying both piano and voice?
Since theory is covered in both piano and voice lessons, by enrolling in both, the combined lesson time is reduced by 15 minutes and the combined cost is reduced by $612.

Just want to explore a second subject area? Add 15min of recreational time to your current weekly lesson to use any way you choose! The additional fee for recreational time is $510 annually.

Please contact the studio to discuss your options further.